Sony GVHD700 Clamshell

Sony GVHD700 Clamshell
Manufacturer: sony
Model Number: GVHD700
Website (Commercial/Pro): sony Commercial Website
Product ID: MP10251
R2 Description: Video Recorder, Sony GV-HD700 HDV Clamshell
User Manual Download: Sony GVHD700 Clamshell
Product ID: MP10251 Category:

MPR Says: “Great Little Recorder”

“Calling this unit a “High Def Clamshell” is sometimes confusing. If using it as a controllable deck via firewire, then yes it is HDV. But with no other HD input, just think of it as a VERY nice looking standard def clamshell with several output choices.”

Product Overview:

Sony GVHD700 Clamshell edits, reviews and records your video footage with this innovative, compact and portable device. The HDV™ Video Walkman® VCR boasts x.v.Color technology, capable of reproducing nearly twice the viewable colors as before. Your images will appear sharp and detailed from multiple angles while you edit with assignable buttons for the most commonly used functions. Crystal clear stills and slow-motion playback can be paused and zoomed in upon, then edited and cropped on the fly. Compatible with long-lasting L and M Series rechargeable InfoLITHIUM batteries, the GV-HD700 will conveniently display remaining battery time with the exclusive AccuPower™ meter.

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