Sony 14in HD CRT Monitor

Sony PVM-14L5 14in HD/SD CRT Monitor
Manufacturer: sony
Model Number: PVM-14L5
Website (Commercial/Pro): sony Commercial Website
Product ID: MP11542
R2 Description: Video Monitor, Sony, 14in, PVM 14L5, High Definition
User Manual Download: Sony 14in HD CRT Monitor
Product ID: MP11542 Category:

MPR Says: “HD Tube”

“In today’s field production there is rarely room on set for the traditional CRT, some DPs and Directors swear by them, but this High Definition monitor is perfect for controlled conditions like the edit bay or control room.”

Product Overview:

The Sony PVM-14L5 is a 14inch Professional Multi format Monitor. The PVM-14L5 is equipped with input connectors for composite, S-video (Y/C) and RGB/component signals. In combination with the optional input adaptors, it is also able to accept a wide range of digital signals including 480/60i, 575/50i, 1035/ 60i, 1080/60i and 720/60p.

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